Best Packaging Practices For Ecommerce Businesses

Best Packaging Practices For Ecommerce Businesses

Best packaging tips for successful packaging for all Ecommerce businesses. Not only do you want your items to arrive safely, you want your customers to be delighted too. These tips will ensure you are getting he most out of your packaging and save your business money in the process.

1. Use a package that fits the product

Make sure to use the right size box when possible: a box that can fit enough protective material but is not too big in relation to the product inside. Shipping small products in large boxes will inconvenience your customers and increase your shipping costs. Many people these days do NOT like to waste and this is quite simply wasteful. Not to mention impact the environment. We live in a very ‘green’ way now. Think Green when packaging. This is the best packaging option for all types of customers.

2. Use the right amount of packaging material with the right protection

This is essential when it comes to fragile products. For most people it seems that packaging material is important to them in determining where they purchase their products from. Products which arrive damaged due to poor packaging reduce repurchase intentions significantly. These customers may also not come back and purchase from you if their first experience was poor.

3. Use packaging material that is easy to recycle

Using recyclable packaging material not only benefits the environment, it also makes your customers feel good about buying your products. 33% of survey respondents even indicated to be willing to pay more for environmentally friendly packaging. Again – Think Green. best packaging

4. Choose reusable packaging material

Ensuring that there is an easy way to reuse packaging material will encourage online ordering as well as customer loyalty. More often than not, people indicate they are willing to pay more for packaging. For this reason: If they are able to use the packaging again for returning goods or other purposes.

5. Use paper-based packaging material

People are most concerned with the quality of the packaging, the ability to keep the product protected, and the ease of removing and disposing of the packaging. The advantages of paper-based packaging are that it is flexible and can be used for any product, and it is also more likely to be recycled than other materials. 51% of our respondents preferred paper-based in-the-box packaging.

6. Use consistent packaging materials

By using consistent packaging materials (mono-materials), consumers are able to dispose of everything in the same place, helping to increase the rate of recycling when paper-based materials are used.

7. The Final best packaging Tip – Exceed customer expectations

Customers know what they have ordered but do not know what kind of packaging to expect. Innovative packaging will create a positive unboxing experience for your customers and can generate positive reviews online and on social media. Make sure to align your packaging to reflect your brand values, or use all of the above tips to maximize your customer’s positive experience.

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