Black Friday is coming – Is your business ready?

Black Friday is coming – Is your business ready?

Black Friday is almost upon us, is your business ready with it’s packaging? First of all, it may sound like a simple question, but seriously: do you have enough packaging? We have known customers to not be prepared, those that had so many sales that they didn’t have enough poly mailers or bubble wrap to send their orders out for a quick turnaround. This consequently made Black Friday stressful. So Don’t fall into that trap.

What you will need for Black Friday

What product are you selling? If it’s breakable, you will need either bubble wrap or padded envelopes, therefore, have you got enough? Polymailers are our most popular ready to send packaging item, do you use these? Callancote can offer these in a variety of colour and sizes, not to mention to custom printing (more on that below) In my humble opinion, you can never be prepared enough. Get your extra packaging ordered ASAP to avoid delays and have peace of mind when it comes to packaging up your Black Friday sales. It’s an exciting time of year for businesses, don’t let a little thing like packaging ruin that weekend. black friday packaging

Let’s talk briefly about custom printing

In addition Callancote offers custom printing on its packaging. Is this something your business has ever considered?

Callancote has flexographic printing facilities in house. We work with our customers to design and create cost
effective printed packaging (bags, envelopes, sacks and film etc).

This includes the printing of logos, postage paid licences, bar codes, safety warnings and any other design the
customer has in mind. You can always pick up the phone and talk to one of us about your printing needs. Give us a call on:

020 8469 3969

Office Hours:
Mon-Thu 8:00 – 5:00
Fri 8:00 – 4:00

 Now don’t forget, Black Friday is literally 3 weeks away as of today. Do not lose out because your business wasn’t prepared. As a result, you will enjoy the sales and know you were ready for them.

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