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Mailing Bags at Callancote Mailing bags, also known as polymailers or poly bags are a popular choice for packaging with many businesses. These mailing bags are available in a range of sizes. From your typical poly bag, to a padded out bubble envelope. Callancote sells a large range of mailing […]

Mailing Bags

Packaging Solutions Callancote serves businesses nationwide providing packaging solutions. Do you ship items? Send lots of mail? Maybe your business needs envelopes or padded bubble wrapped envelopes? Callancote can help with that. We strive to provide packaging solutions for both small and large companies. Callancote offers complete solutions for your […]

Packaging Solutions at Callancote

better packaging
Using Better Packaging For Your Business AND Your Customers With packaging in mind (and obviously being a packaging company) we are here to help you use better packaging not only to serve your business, but also with your consumer in mind. A better packaging experience may help a customer coma […]

Using Better Packaging

tamper evident packaging
Tamper Evident Packaging Benefits (TEP) Tamper evident packaging, also known as TEP provides a huge amount of benefit for just about every industry. Security being the first benefit that springs to mind. If you are in the pharmaceutical industry, tamper-evident packaging as well as tamper-resistant packaging (TRP) are in almost every case a […]

Tamper Evident Packaging

Packaging Fragile Items Safely Packaging fragile items so that they don’t break or get damaged it important. Not just for your item and damage costs, but for customer satisfaction too. Because when that customer doesn’t come, you can doubly lose out. Choose packaging materials that can keep fragile items safe […]

Packaging Fragile Items

packaging returns
Is Your Packaging Returns Ready? You may think your packaging is looking good, but did you remember to make your packaging returns ready? Returns are inevitable every now and then, so ensuring your packaging is returns ready will help your customer have a better experience. Offering online ordering means that […]

Is Your Packaging Returns Ready?

Bespoke Packaging for your Business Bespoke packaging, ever thought of it for your business? Many don’t, thinking it can be incredible expensive, but it isn’t as expensive as you might think. Bespoke packaging won’t work out as expensive once you consider the factors below. Reduce Damage and Returns with Bespoke […]

Bespoke Packaging – Made To Measure

Is your packaging costing you to much? What is your packaging costing you? We’re not talking just about until cost, that’s the easy bit. In fact, only about 10% of your total packaging costing is the unit price. The rest are lurking under the surface. Let’s delve in shall we. […]

What is your packaging costing you?

Document Holders To Keep Your Passport Safe Document holders – they’re probably not on your holiday checklist right? But with summer right around the corner (ok, the weather is already full on summery) but we mean the holidays. The kids are breaking up from school and many of us are […]

Document Holders