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Is your packaging costing you to much? What is your packaging costing you? We’re not talking just about until cost, that’s the easy bit. In fact, only about 10% of your total packaging costing is the unit price. The rest are lurking under the surface. Let’s delve in shall we. […]

What is your packaging costing you?

Document Holders To Keep Your Passport Safe Document holders – they’re probably not on your holiday checklist right? But with summer right around the corner (ok, the weather is already full on summery) but we mean the holidays. The kids are breaking up from school and many of us are […]

Document Holders

How Plastic Wallets Can Save You Money In The Long Run Plastic wallets are the magical best friend for memorabilia. They allow you to keep all your most beloved trinkets, no matter how sentimental or trivial, from the inevitable erosion. Wear, tear and time. For most people, the various see-through […]

How Plastic Wallets Can Save You Money

bespoke packaging printed uk
Bespoke Packaging Design Bespoke packaging – have you considered it for your business? Did you know that bespoke packaging design is a fantastic way of branding yourself and marketing your business? Callancote prides itself in offering in-house printing on all your packaging. We don’t outsource this work, we do it […]

Bespoke Packaging Design

plastic bags Polythene
Plastic Bags are made from Polythene Today we’ll talk about plastic bags and what they are made from and why. Plastic bags are a part of our daily life one way or another and we thought we’d be geeky today and tell you more about the polythene that is used […]

Plastic Bags are made from Polythene

peel and seal bags digital packaging
Digital Packaging – Are you set? Online shopping certainly has many advantages (this is where digital packaging will come into play for us businesses) – it’s convenient, fast and usually offers a wider selection of products to what is available in stores. So, it’s not a surprise that UK customers are […]

Are you ready for digital packaging?

packaging waste regulations
Packaging Waste Regulations A quick guide to packaging waste regulations. Some people don’t even know this exists, however it sure does. If your company produces or uses packaging or sells packaged products, you might be legally required to report your packaging usage under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations*. The […]

Packaging Waste Regulations

frustration-free packaging
Frustration-Free Packaging Frustration-free packaging is what customers/consumers are looking for. Easy to open, yet secure. Waterproof, yet hard wearing. What packaging are you using within your business at the moment? Well presented and smart packaging may be visually appealing to your customers, but is it frustration-free packaging? What do we […]

Frustration-Free Packaging

european circuits
Customer Recognition – European Circuits Ltd This week Callancote have decided to do something a little different and rather than talk about how we can help You, we have decided on a little customer recognition. Callancote proudly serves European Circuits Ltd with all their packaging needs. Who are European Circuits […]

Customer Recognition – European Circuits Ltd