C3 Mailers and Beyond at Callancote

C3 Mailers

C3 mailers are from the cardboard member of the packaging family, not the plastic type or bags like our polymailers. The stiff heavier duty cardboard construction forms a rigid frame around the envelope, therefore offering a solid layer of protection for small, flat products.  Also because they’re made of card, they’re generally very light and cost effective to mail. These c3 envelopes are ideal for packaging things like calendars and booklets, or important documents such as contracts or certificates. These are often used with a Do Not Bend stamp on it. c3 mailers

If you’re looking to send larger items such as books, brochures, CDs, or DVDs, carton envelopes (or panel wrap cardboard mailers) are a great choice. They’re designed to fully enclose these thicker items, and are available with an adjustable spine. Therefore you can put any thickness of book in them and they’ll seal securely.  To minimise postage costs, they’re exceptionally lightweight.

Are c3 Mailers the only size available in this packaging form?

Absolutely not. Callancote also offers sizes of C4 and C5 mailers.All of these mailers are easy to use, lightweight and easy to seal. Keeping your products safe and likely to not bend in transit. Callancote self strip is tamper proof for the security of your parcel.

Need custom c3, c4 or c5 mailers?

Callancote has you covered. If you need custom print on your cardboard or poly mailers, give us a call. Callancote has in house printing machinery and custom prints that most other packaging sellers don’t have and out course. Callancote will never outsource your work. We deal with you directly and work with You and your business directly.

If you’d like to read up a little more on our bespoke manufacturing and printing services, here is a quick breakdown of what is offered at Callancote. We have been providing high quality packaging for business nationwide for over 30 years. A family run business that prides itself in excellence.

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