Coextruded Bags here at Callancote

Coextruded Bags

Coextruded bags are just another great bag that we make and provide for our customers. Customers can find all types of bags on our website. 

Coextruded bags are layered bags and are commonly used for freezing or extending the life of products/food. coextruded bags

What are coextruded bags made from?

Coextruded bags are layered bags. Known as a more heavy duty bag and usually double the thickeness of a regular polythene bag. These bags are made from co-extruded material, using several layers of film for tear-resistance. The off-white outer and black inner bags make these 100% opaque. These bags are great for heavy items and also sharper items.

A great example of a co-ex bag is the lining bag of a cereal box. This 2 layer structure is the low, mature end of coex.

Can Callancote Still Make Coextruded Bags with Custom Designs?

Callancote is known for its ability to custom print on just about any packaging. We pride ourselves on our custom inks and in-house printing. Due to this, Callancote never out sources it’s work. We make all your bags in house in our factory. This goes for all our printing too. This is especially relevant to how well we can provide printing for your business.

What other packaging do we offer?

As well as being a supplier of coextruded bags, we also provide various types of bags. Include bakery, barrier, bulk, cloth, garment, gift, paper, shrink, zipper, micro-perforated, ice, plastic, sand, shredder and gusseted bags.

Callancote provide not only custom manufactured co-extruded basic polyethylene packaging bags. Types include side gusseted, side weld and wicketed bags. Comes with 12 in. to 59 in. webs and eight color gloss or matte ink flexographic printing. Reinforced handles available. Suitable for fresh, frozen and dry food markets. We also provide widely custom manufactured plastic padded, wicketed, co-extruded & vacuum sealing bags. Types also include reclosable & slider zipper lock & close, gusseted, dry cleaning, printed, lay flat, T-shirt, drum lining, garment & mailing bags.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, drop us an email or pick up the phone, the chances are we can still produce what you’re after. Here are our contact details.



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