Elastic Bands at Callancote

Elastic bands here at Callancote

Elastic bands, can you ever have enough of them? I don’t know about you, but whenever i need an elastic band, i can never find one. Is it time you stocked up on some?

Elastic bands, also known as rubber bands, have a variety of uses, from tying up hair, keeping papers organized, holding items closed, and arts and crafts projects. Used since 1845 when Stephen Perry patented them, these stretchy bands are made of rubber and latex for elasticity.

Hold hair tightly and firmly in place with a selection of colourful elastic bands. These head and hair bands grip silky locks and tresses and keep them from shifting and slipping through long, busy days and nights out on the town. Use little elastic bands, transparent or in a rainbow of colours, to create complex and detailed hairstyles that do not budge. Many brands also boast resistance to tangles and pulling, the easier to keep hair smooth, healthy and looking terrific. What does your business use elastic bands for? elastic bands callancote

Elastic bands from Callancote

Callancote provides top quality Rubber Bands in a wide range of sizes and packaging. These Rubber Bands have an extensive range of applications in the Industrial, Agricultural, Packaging, Stationery [under our Censtretch Brand Name], Fishery, Transportation and Leisure trades. Contact Us Here to ask how we can help your business not just with bands, but also packaging. From polymailers, poly bags, card board boxes and much more.

What else does Callancote provide?

We specialise in the design and manufacture of plain and printed polythene packaging, including bags, film, envelopes, mailers, sacks and sheeting.

We also carry stocks of standard sized bags, sacks, film,sheeting, poly envelopes and mailers for speedy despatch and delivery.

Our range of converting equipment produces small to large bags and sacks for many varied applications using
features such as:

Hole and handle punching
Euro slot headers
Self-sealing adhesives
Heavy-duty seals
Perforation for easy tear openings
Micro perforation

Not to mention Custom Printing

Custom Printing
Any Ink, Any Surface Custom Printing

Callancote has flexographic printing facilities in house. We work with our customers to design and create cost
effective printed packaging (bags, envelopes, sacks and film etc).

This includes the printing of logos, postage paid licences, bar codes, safety warnings and any other design the
customer has in mind.
Quality, Speed and Great Service

We have a range of polythene extrusion lines producing high-quality tube and sheeting from
narrow to wide and from thick to thin also producing coloured, bio degradable, and anti-static films to order.

To discuss your design requirements or for a free consultation, please contact our team via email or call our team on 020 8469 3969.

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