Mini Grip Bags at Callancote

Mini Grip Bags at Callancote

Mini grip bags are clear bags that are resealable. Ideal for storing items you want to keep away from moisture and keep in a safe place away from dirt and dust. Depending on what you’d like to store in your mini grip bags, you can potentially re-use these bags many times. Making these bags great value for money and economical for your business. They are the perfect solution for storing a variety of products in a neat and tidy manner. From poly bags, polymailers and envelopes.¬†mini grip bags

Mini Grip Bags with Write on Panels

You guessed it, if you need write-on panels for your mini grip bags, we at Callancote can do that. Write on panels help keep your items organised and are easily identifiable. Whether you go for our clear mini grips bags or ones with a write on panel, we guarantee strong materials are used that won’t easily rip. Your items will be kept safe and dry and are all water proof.

All of our grip seal polythene bags remain firmly shut when closed but are easy to quickly open and reseal whenever required.

Are you looking to stock up on sealable plastic bags? Callancote¬†offers discounts on bulk orders – please do contact us if HERE you have any queries regarding your order. We are always happy to help and if you don’t find what you’re after on the website, it’s extremely likely we can still make what you’re after. Sometimes it’s just easier to pick up the phone and give us a call.

What Do People Use Mini Grip Bags For?

These bags can be used for just about anything.

  • Storing screws
  • Freezer bags
  • Sandwich bags

Other names these bags go by are:

Reclosable Poly Bags
Resealable Poly Bags
Selfseal bags
Grip seal bags
Ziplock Poly Bags
Zip Lock Poly Bags
Zip Top Poly Bags
Zipper Top Poly Bags
Zipper Poly Bags

Let Callancote help with your business packaging needs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our store here, then simple pick up the phone and give us a call.


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