Minimise Product Damage with Better Packaging

Minimise Product Damage with Better Packaging

Minimise product damage with better packaging this Christmas. It may only be September, but if you’re organised, your business will be thinking about Christmas Now. Retailer feel the extra pressure pressure of Christmas with resources and packaging demands. A survey dictated that up to 23% of businesses receive returned items from damage in the post. There are of course ways to avoid this happening to you this year.

Replacing broken items can be costly, but there is something even more important at stake – your brand reputation! minimise product damage

You may not have full control over how your parcel is handled in transportation and storage. However there are a couple of things you can do to minimise the possibility of product damage on its way to the customer.

Asses your packaging to minimise product damage

This may sound a little simple, but ensure you use the right type and amount of packaging for your products. Are you using the right size packaging for the items you are posting to customers? So many businesses send items in larger boxes or bags than is needed.

If you fragile or expensive items, you may be tempted to add additional void fill, but remember never overfill your package. Bulky parcels can burst in transit damaging your products despite your attempts to keep them safe. This is where good quality bubble comes in. Always have some to hand for those special packages.

Try new solutions in packaging

Maybe try something completely different? Bubble wrap envelopes? Or other bubble wrap packaging? Some many be pricier, but weight up the difference compared to the returns you might receive asking for refunds. Weigh up your options.

Callancote can help you minimise product damage by suggesting packaging solutions that are best for your products. Contact us today to speak with one of our packaging experts or to arrange a free packaging review.

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