Packaging Disasters

packaging disasters

Packaging Disasters

Packaging disasters and how to avoid them. Packaging disasters are more common than you know. Most businesses want to save money where they can, which is understandable. However, if you value your product, you should value the packaging you send it in too.

The more prepared you are with the right packaging materials, the less likely you are to face a packaging disaster.

Did you have any packaging disasters from the Black Friday sale?

Was Black Friday ridiculously busy for you? We hope it was. We want to see more businesses succeeding. We also hope that if you were busy, that you had no packaging disasters. How so? Like bubble wrap not fully protecting your items, because it was cheap knock off stuff. Or polybags where the self seal didn’t stick. Time and time again we have justcustomers come to us after buying from eBay and regretting the decision to buy there. There is is a reason eBay is so cheap – because the products are generally cheap.

Callancote values the products we ship out to our customers nationwide. We ensure your business doesn’t face a disaster with its packaging.

Forward thinking to avoid such disasters

Forward-thinking and planning ahead are key to ensure your business is well-prepared for the Christmas rush… Or any rush for that matter. Don’t shy away from the initial investment. Unfulfilled delivery promises and (what’s worse!) damaged orders can alienate your customers, costing you more than just money – your brand reputation is at stake too! Keeping your customer happy every step of the way is essential.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – would you be impressed if the items you ordered arrived broken? Or didn’t turn up in time for Christmas? This is not only frustrating but it also leaves your customers with the hassle of organising returns and potentially looking for alternative present ideas. Not to mention costing you money too.

It’s not good for your business either as returns = more paperwork, increased labour and product replacement costs… as if the final month of the year wasn’t hectic enough already right?

You can avoid all of this by forward thinking for busy times of the year (Valentines Day is approaching, it’s usually a busy one) by getting the right packaging in place.

Shop Here to see what Callancote can offer your business. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Us and we will help you find what you’re after and guarantee great quality.

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