Packaging for Food and Beverages

Packaging for Food and Beverages

Packaging for food and beverages – because more and more people order foods and wines online.

Shipping fragile products such as wine, champagne and jars can be tricky as they require extra protection in transit.

Up to 21% of respondents in a recent survey reported packages arriving ripped, damp, dented or opened. Consequently not a great start as far as customer experience is concerned. Below are a couple of packaging ideas to help you ship your products with peace of mind and avoid costly damage and returns. packaging food and drinks

Paper Cushioning Packaging

Paper packaging solutions such as Geami WrapPak are excellent for cushioning food and drink products such as cooking oils, dips, coffee jars and groceries.

Not only does Geami protect your products from damage; it also ensures they are beautifully-presented inside the box, offering the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers. This tissue paper is available in a variety of colours. Allowing you to match them to suit your products and your branding. Email us or Ring us to see how we can provide your company with this packaging solution.

Food Boxes

Transport your food safely with strong resilient boxes. Callancotes boxes

come with folding flaps for easy sealing and increased security. We are also able to make you other shares boxes in various sizes. Just ask and we will cater to your business needs. They are ideal for shipping mixed food and drink items and are self-sealing. This means you won’t need any tape to secure your box. You may also want to consider adding some tissue or shredded paper inside the box to enhance your product presentation even further. Your parcels will be well-protected while looking smarter!

Branded Packaging?

Don’t forget that Callancote also offers in-house printing, so all your packaging can be printed on. This is a fabulous way to market and give great customer experience when they receive their items. You can read more here about how Callancote can help you brand your packaging.

Callancote has been serving businesses nationwide for over 25 years. How can we serve your business? Contact Us and ask any questions.


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