Packaging Supplies at Callancote

Packaging Supplies at Callancote

Packaging supplies for your business: from polymailers, shredder bags, tubing, coloured mailers, c5 envelopes plus more sizes) and much more. Callancote prides itself in providing high quality packaging supplies at prices you’ll struggle to argue with. If you’re in an ecommerce business and have items to send to customers, ensure they are sent in great packaging. Your packaging should be water proof, protect your items and our mailing bags are all non rip. You will know if someone has tried to tamper with your bag.

What specialist packaging materials does Callancote offer?

Callancote also offers refuse sacks, self adhesive bags, adhesive tapes, coloured mailers and coloured envelopes. The list goes on. We provide a huge range of packaging supplies that aren’t necessarily listed, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, Contact Us Here and i’m sure we can make what you’re after. Or pick up the phone and call us on 0208 469 3969. Callancote is an approachable company and we like to talk to our customers directly. You won’t speak to someone in a call centre.packaging supplies callancote

Specialise in Print

Callancote also specialises in print. We help customers design their bags and then print these designs for them. Already have a design? Excellent. We can get those added to your mailing bags, carrier bags and your brand will start expanding. We can print on envelopes, poly mailers, mailing bags of all shapes and sizes, polythene mailers and more. If you have an idea in your head, call us and let’s get that idea on paper and then printed.

Callancote has been working with customers nationwide and for more than 25 years and we also have some customers from abroad because of our specialist print work. We pride ourselves in high quality products. You won’t find these products on eBay by the way.

If you’d like to browse just some of the products available in our store, then Browse Here. Pick up the phone for any queries you may have.

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