Packaging – The Unboxing Experience

Packaging – The Unboxing Experience

Want to wow your customers with great packaging? The great unboxing experience – that’s how you’re going to achieve this.

The world we live in is a tough one. First of all, retail sales might be up and down, lots of competition and as a business you should be looking at what you can do to not only drive new customers your way. In addition, you also ought to be looking at how to keep existing customers coming back. The power of unboxing is huge. Customer experience should be at the heart of every business. Therefore, how about we make the unboxing of your customers parcel exciting too.

Packaging statistics that might surprise you

  • A huge 38% of packaging has zero branding, inside or on the packaging. Crazy!
  • 30% have no returns information enclosed.
  • 15% used TOO much packaging and waste.
  • 20% of packaging is not a good fit and is the wrong size for what is inside the package.
  • 7% arrives damaged (this can be stopped by using better quality packaging)

These statistics are shocking, they can however be fixed. You need good quality materials, consider sizing and is your box/bag/envelope branded (inside and out)

By ‘unboxing’ it doesn’t have to be a box of course, it can be a poly bag or any other form of packaging that you might use for your business. packaging

How can you make your packaging better?

Here are a few ideas to help you keep your branding consistent and impress your customers with packaging that reflects the value of your products and your brand.

Better quality packaging – Let’s be honest, even the most luxurious product will not deliver that desired WOW factor if it arrives in a boring, brown box. Almost 50% of respondents in a recent study by Sealed Air thought packaging reflected the value of the product inside; 66% believed packaging showed how much retailers really cared about their customers and the online shopping experience. Those are high numbers!

Even a small change can go a long way – Making changes to your existing packaging lines may not suit all budgets, especially in the final quarter of the year. Think about what your business could do moving forward to make changes. It will be here before we know it, therefore now is a good time to look into new packaging ideas.

Adding tissue or shredded paper inside your package, or customising your packing tape with your company name and logo? These are simple yet effective ways to impress your customers.

Don’t be afraid to try something new – If your existing packaging does not deliver, don’t be afraid to try something new.

If you need help improving your unboxing experience or would like to discuss your existing packaging requirements, Callancote can help! Get in touch today HERE.

Custom Printing at Callancote Ltd

Any Ink, Any Surface Custom Printing here at Callancote. 

Callancote has flexographic printing facilities in house. We work with our customers to design and create cost
effective printed packaging (bags, envelopes, sacks and film etc).

This includes the printing of logos, postage paid licences, bar codes, safety warnings and any other design the
customer has in mind. Pick up the phone and discuss your printing needs for your business.


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