Packaging Trends in 2018

packaging trends

Packaging Trends in 2018

Packaging trends is a ‘thing’ yes. Some will follow it, some won’t. But as a company that sells a variety of packaging to businesses nationwide, it’s important we at Callancote keep you up to date.

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to you all. We have big plans for 2018 and we hope you do too. We’ve put together some packaging ideas that have been popular. These packaging trends will make you look at your packaging differently.


It’s a no brainer, people like the personal touch with just about anything these day. From a marketing perspective, people want to feel valued and be made to feel special. Gone are the days when you are seen as just another sale or statistic. If you haven’t made any packaging goals for 2018, maybe it’s time to start? This is one packaging trend that is a winner.

Also, adding personalised notes / messages to your packaging will help not only delight, but also surprise your customers in making their unboxing experience memorable. Just a tip for you.


No more packaging waste, the world has gone green remember! Ensure you have the correct size packaging for the items you are sending. Don’t do ‘an Amazon’ and sent a pen in a box that would fit an A4 book! Not to mention the extra packaging you’ll use to cushion the item inside the box. It’s just wasteful.

Well-designed, simple packaging will not only enhance the appearance of your parcels, but also maximise product protection. Also, customers just won’t be impressed with the extra packaging in an ever growing eco-friendly world.

Retail eCommerce

Retail eCommerce sales in the United Kingdom are expected to reach a massive £76.41 billion in 2018 according to Statista! That’s £5.66 billion more than predicted for 2017 and £11.5 billion more than in 2016. Crazy right?

With online sales moving upwards we will see a greater customer demand for packaging that is easy to open, returnable and simple to dispose of. Something to think about.

The last Packaging Trends Tip – The Environment

As already mentioned, we live in an ever growing eco-friendly world.

British customers are growing more concerned for the environment. Research shows that customers want to be able to recycle packaging easily and are willing to pay more for products that come in recyclable packaging (or packaging made from recyclable materials).

If you need help with your packaging design or would like to discuss your packaging requirements with an expert here at Callancote, get in touch HERE Today. 

These packaging trends are here to stay and businesses need to get on top of what is going on around them and start listening to their customers.

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