Plastic Envelopes and Packaging Supplies

Plastic Envelopes and Packaging Supplies

Plastic envelopes are one of many of the packaging supplies we offer at Callancote. They play a vital part in any business that ships items. You will find that many distribution centers use these self-adhering adhesive backed plastic envelopes to secure packaging lists. As well as invoices, or other shipping documents for the packages they ship. Packing list envelopes are easily identifiable with standard descriptions in black ink on red panels.

What Size Plastic Envelopes Do Callancote Offer?

Callancote not only offers our plastic envelopes in a variety of sizes, but also our polymailers and poly bags. You won’t always find everything on the website because there is a vast amount of products and sizes on offer. So please do feel free to Contact Us if you have even the smallest querie. We at Callancote are always happy to help. plastic envelopes

Another popular choice of plastic envelopes is our clear packing list envelopes. Clear packing list envelopes can be used for packing lists, invoices, messages, instructions, and just about any shipping documents that are important. Callancote also offers additional Special Application Packaging Envelopes with other prints like: “Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Enclosed, “Export Documents Enclosed”, “Important Papers Enclosed”, “Warranty Information Enclosed”, “Instructions Enclosed”, Clear Packing List Envelopes and more. We are happy to cater to your business needs, call us and we’ll discuss your packaging needs. Custom print is a specialist service we offer.

We are committed to providing not only high quality packaging supplies to businesses, but at great prices too. You won’t find our supplies on eBay, simply because we value our customers and our quality.

A Bit More on What Callancote Can Offer:

Custom Printing
Any Ink, Any Surface Custom Printing

Callancote has flexographic printing facilities in house. We work with our customers to design and create cost
effective printed packaging (bags, envelopes, sacks and film etc).

This includes the printing of logos, postage paid licences, bar codes, safety warnings and any other design the
customer has in mind.

Browse just some of our packaging bags, envelopes and poly bags Here.

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