Plastic PVC Wallets here at Callancote Ltd

Plastic PVC Wallets

Plastic wallets keep your documents, tickets, passports, magazines, name badges (just abut anything really) dust free and clean. PVC wallets are the perfect way to protect your programmes from dust and minor spillages. Our protective plastic wallets can be made to almost any size. Simply select your chosen product, enter the height and width of the plastic wallet you need and get a quote from us.

At Callancote we can cut your PVC wallets to any size to make a protective plastic wallet for whatever you want.  pvc wallets

4 Great Reasons To Use PVC Wallets

#1 – To Protect

From powerful documents/items such as deeds, credit cards and tickets to vital paper tools such as OS maps and office supplies, plastic wallets are the best defense against damage and dampness.  Example:

Whether you’re constantly travelling  in and out of hospitable environments, or live in a home where many potential hazards can befell upon your irreplaceables, plastic wallets are the best bulk-bought shield money can buy.

#2 – To Preserve 

Do you have old magazines/newspapers you are keeping hold of for sentimental reasons? PVC wallets are perfect for that. They’ll keep the damp out and keep your paper clean.

#3 – To Display

The sleek sheen and shine of our plastic wallets offer a boon that should really appeal to any true collector. They give you the power to present your long assembled line of football stickers, guitar picks etc. And in a fashion that any museum would be jealous of! PVC wallets are ideal if you want to find that balance of letting all eyes fall upon your Guinness World Record-in-the-making, without putting them at risk of a contaminated or clumsy touch.

#4 – To Organize

Keep small files protected and organised with a PVC wallet. Easier to stash away in a most convenient and orderly manner.

Naturally you can use PVC wallets for just about anything you want to store and keep safe. the above are just a few examples of what you can use them for. Contact Us Today to see how we can help you and your business with your packaging needs.


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