Polyethylene Tubing at Callancote

Polyethylene Tubing

Polyethylene tubing is also know as poly tubing. In fact, polyethylene tubing is often used in place of poly bags because of the ability to form different package lengths. Many companies prefer tubing when wrapping multiple products varying in length. Callancotes poly tubing rolls are not shrink wrap tubing rolls.

What is Polyethylene Tubing?

Polyethylene tubing is on a roll used for a variety of packaging and industrial uses. Poly tubing is often used in place of poly bags because of the ability to form different package lengths. The tubing can easily be sealed with an impulse sealer for fast and efficient packaging. Polyethylene tubing

Custom Tubing Sizes

Callancote are always happy to accommodate each businesses individual needs. We understand that every business is different, so we cater for all. If you can’t see the sizing you’d like, simple Contact us and we will happily discuss your businesses packaging needs.

Custom Printing Too!

Another exciting option that Callancote offers, is custom printing too! Not just on polyethylene tubing, but on all our poly bags and poly mailer bags too! Think of the marketing value this adds to your company and how far that will reach people.

Callancote has flexographic printing facilities in house. We work with our customers to design and create cost
effective printed packaging (bags, envelopes, sacks and film etc).

This includes the printing of logos, postage paid licences, bar codes, safety warnings and any other design the
customer has in mind. Not got a design? That’s not a problem either. We can help you design it and come up with some amazing colours to help your business really stand out.

How can we help?

We specialise in the design and manufacture of plain and printed polythene packaging, including bags, film, envelopes, mailers, sacks and sheeting.

We also carry stocks of standard sized bags, sacks, film,sheeting, poly envelopes and mailers for speedy despatch and delivery.

Our range of converting equipment produces small to large bags and sacks for many varied applications using
features such as:

  • Hole and handle punching
  • Euro slot headers
  • Self-sealing adhesives
  • Heavy-duty seals
  • Gusseting
  • Perforation for easy tear openings
  • Micro perforation


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