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Grey Polymailers

Have you ever bought polymailers from eBay and they turned out to be really bad quality polymailers? You know, the ones that didn’t even stick down? Yep, me too! Our poly bags come in a variety of colours too, from grey polymers to red. You choose the colours and we’ll get them made.

Be careful when buying polymailers

As I already mentioned, cheaping out on polymailers doesn’t always save you money. Callancote have worked with many business over the years that have praised our quality time and time again. They once bought cheaper on eBay and realised that buying cheap polymailers didn’t save them money, it simply wasted it and also their time. polymailers

If you go real cheap on them, they have a tendency to tear and rip while being shipped to their destination. They can be a pain to process at the post office. Not to mention that it never looks good to a customer when a package arrives damaged. The post office sorts and ships tons and tons of packages daily, with a lot of machining and scanning involved in the process. For all the machines and automation used, if there’s one thing the machines don’t like, it’s a polymailer that isn’t properly filled.

An improperly filled poly mailer has spots where it’s completely flat and unfilled, with thin flips that can get caught in machinery or prevent the shipping labels from getting scanned properly. Stiffer poly mailers that are lined with bubble wrap (but are heavier and more expensive) can help you avoid many of these pitfalls.

Let’s summarise buying polymailers for your business:

  1. Polymailers are a great way to save money on shipping packaging and rates due to their light weight.
  2. Spending a little extra to get a reputable brand of poly mailer saves you in the long run. A small increase in price can increase quality of your poly mailers greatly. Cheap polymailers tear easily.
  3. Consider bubble wrap lined poly mailers to make sure they’re rigid and don’t flop around.
  4. If you do use standard polymailers, ensure your order completely fills the bag. Or you have something to fill it up like packing peanuts.
  5. Due to the automation of mailing sorting offices, reading, and shipping of packages. If your package isn’t filled properly, it can require extra processing and risk delaying package delivery.
  6. While nothing exists currently: postal services may set guidelines and rules for poly mailers and consequences for improperly filled poly mailers in the near future.

This will give you a good rundown of poly mailers, their usefulness and pitfalls. Also how to avoid these pitfalls if you do decide to use them in your shipping process. The savings over boxes can really add up. Not to mention how you can save money on shipping is always good to know. See our polymailers here today.


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