Printed Polythene Bags and Sacks

Printed Polythene Bags

Printed polythene bags for businesses are what makes a business really stand out. Imagine your logo and message on the polythene bag that you send your goods out in. All business will (or at least should be) wanting to give their customer the wow factor. Printed polythene bags will do just that. printed polythene bags

What are printed polythene bags?

See the picture in this blog post. Printed polythene bags are basically polymailers with a logo or colour on them and generally a message or contact details. The world is your oyster when it comes to poly bags, you can have a bunch of different colours, sizes and designs. Printed plastic bags are usually referred to as poly bags due to the base material being polythene or polypropylene.

Callancote specialise in polythene products. In plain, printed or coloured, such as shrink films, pallet covers, top sheets, stretch films & stretch hoods, as well as much more!

In an increasingly competitive market, printed packaging is not only the perfect way to protect your goods from damage and the elements, but is also an excellent form of advertisement to get your company name noticed by current and potential customers. Who doesn’t want that right?

Our bespoke packaging design service

Polythene Packaging Design Services
Bespoke, Professional and Fast

We specialise in the design and manufacture of plain and printed polythene packaging, including bags, film, envelopes, mailers, sacks and sheeting.

We also carry stocks of standard sized bags, sacks, film,sheeting, poly envelopes and mailers for speedy despatch and delivery.

Our range of converting equipment produces small to large bags and sacks for many varied applications using
features such as:

Hole and handle punching
Euro slot headers
Self-sealing adhesives
Heavy-duty seals
Perforation for easy tear openings
Micro perforation

If you’d like to read more on how we print and extrusion, then simply click Here.

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