Rubber Bands are Flying out the Window

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are flying out the window here at Callancote. They’re such a great piece of packaging material. Rubber bands are not only used for packaging, they’re used for a multitude of things like tying your hair and wrapping excess cords together. Also baby proofing your cabinets at home! rubber bands callancote

How are rubber bands made?

Rubber bands come from a huge block of natural rubber. The blocks are  made from the sap of a tree or the resin. Pretty cool right? Who knew it was so natural. Natural rubber has more stretch to it than synthetic rubber bands, hence why we use it to make rubber bands.

The ingredients to make rubber: The sap or resin, processing oil and dye. A few rubber blocks are then put together in a large mixing/kneading machine. This all gets mixed into a big rubber dough.Once a dough like consistency is made, the dough is moved over to another machine, where they make this dough into sheets. It is at this stage that sulphur and a few other things are added to the mix, to make it into the rubbery texture it needs to be.

The rubber will then be sectioned off into small logs, to put in the extruder which then mixes it with talcum powder. This makes it into a tube, by pumping air into the middle. Pretty cool eh? Who knew how to make rubber badness before reading this blog post?

Last bit of the rubber band process

rubber bands callancote Eventually these tubes are put onto long poles that are essentially molds to keep them the right diameter during the curing process.  The talcum powder helps keep the rubber from sticking to the poles.  Then, the poles with the rubber on them are put into a steam oven to cure and become more elastic.  Afterwards, the rubber is taken off of the tubes, rinsed, and then cut into rubber bands.  Now they are ready to be packed up into bags and sold!

Voila and that’s how rubber is made and formed into bands.

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