Small Bags Suitable For All Business Needs

Small Bags for your businesses packaging needs

Small bags seem to be a hit at the moment, so we thought we’d tell you what we offer and how we can help with your businesses packaging needs.

Callancotes small bags are perfect for storing and collating a variety of products, including ornaments, spare parts, beads, nuts, badges or jewellery. They are stronger than most seal again or zip lock bags on the market.

If you would like something printed on these bags, let us know what you require and we’ll provide you with a quote. Best of all, our small bags can be used numerous times, making them a sound investment. At Callancote we offer in-house printing. Our printing is not outsourced, so you can talk to us directly. Callancote is an approachable business that doesn’t give you the hard sell. We’ll always give you the best quality however. small bags

What size bags do we offer?

One of the nice surprises we found after installing new equipment last year was the ability to make small bags quickly and accurately, as small as 45x75mm. YES that small! We also offer larger sizes, pick up the phone if you don’t see the size you’re after, we’ll happily help.

How can Callancote help you?

Our ability to manufacture to your specification using coloured films, printing, self seal adhesives and punching etc. There are no ends to our talents here at Callancote, not to mention we’re a friendly bunch. We offer quick competitive quoting, help with design and speedy delivery times. Contact us HERE if you’d like to get in touch.

More about us…

Callancote have been manufacturing a wide range of Poly Bags and Polymailers, for the UK and European Customers for over 30 years. We offer a full bespoke service of designing, printing and manufacturing of any polythene products you may require. From the simple poly bag to the eye-catching promotional or retail packaging our principle remains the same, the right product at the right price.

Our customers are not just a number, we value our customers highly.

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