Supporting Children with Cancer

Supporting Children with Cancer

Callancote was recently approached by Stacey’s Smile, an organisation helping raise awareness of childhood cancer and helping to raise money. Cancer is unfortunately on the rise, but not enough is said about childhood cancer, because people don’t want to talk about such tragedy. However, Stacey’s Smile is doing its upmost to spread the word.

Steve Nash recently contacted us. He found us through a colleague and is trying to spread the word as much as he can. How? He is running a marathon next month to raise money. How could we not support him! Steve will be running the London Marathon on April 22nd this year. Then he is walking from John O Groats to Lands End. 

900 miles, 30 miles per day, 30 days, 7 days per week, ‘rather daunting’ he said, that he only has 4 weeks to left of training, but that he is absolutely determined to do it. We completely believe in him and were happy to donate.

Steve is doing this for Stacey’s Smiles, which is a Kent Children’s Cancer Charity who provide memories for the families of children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer by granting wishes and organising treats.

What is Neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is the most common extracranial solid cancer in childhood and the most common cancer in infancy, with an incidence of 100 UK cases per annum.

50% of Neuroblastoma cases occur in children younger than two years old.   Neuroblastoma originates in nerve tissues in the neck, chest, abdomen, or pelvis often leaving Children with very little immune system and in great pain.  There are four stages of risk for Neuroblastoma Cancer Children with stage 4 being the most serious with a survival rate of between 40% and 50%.

A majority of the Families of Neuroblastoma Children spend all efforts, time and money on raising funding for treatment.  Treatment for Neuroblastoma is an incredibly harrowing experience for children who are exposed to harsh radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.  This is why creating that special memory for Neuroblastoma families is so important

Can you help support this vital charity? Click the heart below to Donate Today and please do share this with your friends, family and colleagues. 

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