Peel and Seal Bags at Callancote

Peel and Seal Bags

Peel and seal bags, a staple for many businesses who send products or catalogues out to their customers. These peel and see bags are also known as polymailers or poly bags. We offer bags in Self-seal  and polybags, with Ziplock, drawstring and peel and seal options. Perfect for food, books, DVDs.

Our peel and seal bags

Callancotes peel and seal bags are the ideal balance between performance and price. They come with an adhesive strip on the flaps, which can be folded and sealed over the bag’s opening. This design is accommodating to all items that are smaller than the height of a bag as the flap seal can be folded past the opening if needed. peel and seal bags

Callancote sell a wide range of clear retail display bags so you can present or package your products in an eye-catching way. They are ideal for a wide range of uses including for displaying greeting cards, prints/mounts, photography, artwork, and for packaging magazines. We also sell in block colours too.

Our high quality plastic display bags are also known as polypropylene bags, poly mailing packing bags, re-sealable polypropylene bags. As well as Peel n Seal of course, as they are available with peel back and re-sealable strip as standard. Re-sealable polypropylene bags are a cheaper option than cellophane Peel n Seal and are therefore considered excellent value for money. Don’t be mistaken that cheaper option means less quality. At Callancote we may have great prices, but never use cheap materials.

To see the strength and first-rate quality of our display bags at first hand, samples are available on request. Contact Us Here to request a sample or a price.

Not forgetting that we also offer custom printed on any of our poly bags or peel and seal bags. Callancote specialises in prints and we use high quality inks to make your packaging bags Pop!

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